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Курс ділової англійської мови

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Навчальний посібник
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style="text-align: justify;">Won company wide sales events for most items sold over specified periods of time

Managed and facilitated problems, questions and concerns from an average of 20 customers daily
Trained in sales technique seminars once a month
Developed advertising scheme for the region.
Task 1. Make up your own Cover Letter and Resume.
Task 2. Complete the sentences by choosing from the words below each sentence to fill in the gaps. The first has been done for you.
1. The employees responsible for carrying out general office duties, filling forms and keeping statistics are …
a) clerks; b) accountants; c) supervisors.
2. The employees who sell company’s products are the sales representatives, usually known as...
a) vendors; b) renters; c) reps.
3. The employees who decide what to purchase, and who make the purchases of finished goods or components to be made into goods, are the...
a) choosers; b) procurers; c) buyers.
4. The employees who are responsible for seeing that the finished goods are well made are the...
a) packers; b) quality controllers; c) financial staff.
5. The clerical workers who use typewriters or word processors and who produce letters, memos or other documents, are...
a) secretaries; b) editors; c) copywriters.
6. The employees who check a company’s financial affairs are the...
a) statisticians; b) accountants; c) counters.
7. The employees who are responsible for preparing checks, pay packets and payslips are the...
a) wages clerks; b) filing clerks; c) paying clerks.
8. The workers who process data, under the control of managers and supervisors, are the computer...
a) hackers; b) operators; c) screeners.
9. The person who greets a visitor and tells him or her how to get to the right office is the...
a) manager; b) president; c) receptionist.
10. The employees who deal with a company's telephone calls are the
a) PC operators; b) telex operators; c) switchboard operators.
Task 3. Listen to the interviews of two people applying for jobs, analyze them, point out mistakes, if any, they made in the process of their interviews.
Text 1.
Letter writing is an essential part of business communication. A letter should always accompany a cheque, a contract or any other business paper sent by mail. The letter says what is being sent, so that the recipient should know exactly what you intended to send. There exist traditional structures of business letters generally accepted and used throughout the world. A well-composed letter will make a better impression on the reader. Thus good letters make good business partners.
The letters may be subdivided into such groups as: enquiries, offers, orders, refusals, acknoledgements, quotations, letters of complaint/claim, etc.
The firms, as a rule, have forms for the letters printed on good paper. The form should have the name of the firm, its address, and also the character of the business of the firm.
Five C’s for Business Letter Writing
  • Clearness: Avoid business jargon, use simple, direct language.
  • Completeness: Include all necessary information within the letter. Assume that the readers do not know all the facts. Make it easy for the readers to understand your situation.
  • Conciseness: Be specific. Say what you mean clearly. Don’t be vague or confusing.
  • Correctness: Always proofread and edit your letters.
  • Courteousness: Use proper salutations, avoid phrases that scold or annoy, end on a friendly note.
Business Letter Layout
Letterhead: Name of the company/Field of activities/Logo
Sender’s address: No. of building, Street, City, State, post/zip code, Country
Addressee’s name/Job title/Company name and address
(For the attention of …)
Your ref:
Our ref:
Salutation: (Dear Mr/Ms Hill)
Body of the letter:
  1. Opening paragraph
  2. Main part
  3. Closing paragraph
(For/p. p. Sender’s name)
Sender’s position
Enc. (Enclosure)
c. c. (Copies)
Task 1. Answer the questions on the text:
  1. What is the purpose of a business letter today?
  2. Is there any difference between the layout of an application letter and a business letter?
  3. What does the letterhead of a business letter consist of?
  4. Why is the month in the date not recommended to write in figures?
  5. What salutation is the most frequent in business letters at present?
  6. What is the purpose of using “Re” in business letters?
  7. What information is enclosed in the body of a business letter?
  8. Whose initials are written at the bottom of the letter?
  9. What does the abbreviation “c. c. ” mean in business letter writing: a) carbon copy; b) current cost; c) copies to?
Task 2. What types of business letters do the following abstracts belong to?
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