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Курс ділової англійської мови

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style="text-align: justify;">Job Abbreviations

Advertisements (ads) for employment appear in all the media including radio, television, and Internet. However, newspapers and magazines are usually the main source for vacancies. Most “ads” use abbreviated forms to announce conditions of employment, especially in the “small ad” section for appointments, e. g. : Wntd sec. full-time for smll mnfg co. Gd slry. 5-day week, hrs 9-5 usl bnfts (Wanted secretary for full-time employment for small manufacturing company. Good salary, five days a week, hours of work 09. 00 to 17. 00, and the usual benefits in terms of conditions and holidays.)
Other abbreviations that might appear include clk (clerk), accnts (accounts), mngr (manager), asst (assistant), DOE (depends on experience), dr. lic. (driving licence), EOE (Equal opportunity employer), Nego (negotiable), PA (Personal Assistant), PC (personal computer), PR (public relations), Refs (references), w. p. m. (words per minute) and vacs (vacations). Terms like M/m (male) and F/f (female), are no longer permitted by law in the UK.
Task 5. Complete the letter from Jane, a young secretary, to her friend Susan. Choose from the words listed below:
shorthand, minutes, memos, petty cash, diary, notebook, post book, proof reading, audio typing, typing, screen, word processor, letters, typewriter.
Dear Susan,
Well, I’ve got the job! And I seem to need most of the things I learned in College.
They wanted to know my (l) ______ and (2) ______ speeds, and what kind of a (3) ______ I was used to, and whether I could use a (4) ______ as well. Because my boss, Mr. Sutherland, is away from the office a lot he often dictates on to a cassette tape, so they wanted to know if I could manage (5) ______. But they also gave me a shorthand (6) ______. They explained that I will often be making appointments for Mr. Sutherland, so I must keep his (7) ______. I’ll also be typing his correspondence and when he is away I may have to sign some of his (8) ______ I’ll also be responsible for circulating (9) ______ to other members of the staff, and when I go to meetings I’ll be taking the (10) ______. Because I’ll be buying the stamps and coffee and so on, I’ll deal with the (11) ______ and keep the (12) ______. They also want me to (13) ______ callers to the office, so that Mr. Sutherland doesn’t get disturbed when he’s busy. And I’ll have to do some (14) ______ (of catalogues, press releases, and things like that). So I think I’ll keep busy!
It all sounds fascinating, and I’m terribly excited!
Task 6. Read the ads or mini-resumes. Choose the most appropriate for you. Use it as a pattern for your own mini-resume.
Without work experience:
Office manager/administrator
Lady, 27, linguistic education, English, French, German, PC, responsible, able to learn, is looking for a job in a foreign company assistant to executive bodies.
as a manager, secretary, personal
Tel. 513-24-76. With work experience:
Office manager/administrator
F, 23, higher education, English,
PC skills, work experience as office manager, hard-working, ability to learn fast, seeks an employment as a secretary, office-manager.
Tel. : 442-0621, ask Olga. 
F, University degree, PC, ftuent English, good German, Russian, Looking for the position of receptionist, secretary. Ability to learn,
Call Tatyana. Tel. 228-4415Secretary/receptionist
Lady, 22, University degree in
foreign languages and management, good English, German, PC skills. Experience as secretary / translator.
Tel. 417-65-27
Text 2.
Application Letter
The application letter (sometimes called “a cover letter” because it is sent with a C. V. in the same envelope) is aimed at getting a job interview.
There are two types of application letters. A solicited application letter is sent to a definite, or announced, job opening. An unsolicited or “prospecting” letter is one sent to а company that has not announced an opening. The objectives of an application letter are:
  • to get attention;
  • to introduce qualifications;
  • to present evidence;
  • to encourage action.
Remember, your application letter will represent you to the employer. If several applicants have the same qualifications, опlу those writing impressive letters will be interviewed.
Sample of a Cover Letter
Mark Diamond
4701 Pine Street, #K-13
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Tel. I- (215) -748-3037
M. Marinichenko, President, AEROSVIT
25 Gogol Street, 111234, Kyiv, Ukraine
April 2, 1992
Dear Mr. Marinichenko,
I am a first-year student In the M. B. A, program at the Wharton Business School in Philadelphia.
I understand that you are heading an independent Ukrainian airline. I have heard from my friend
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